Tuesday 11 January 2011

Tips of the Company Success (ടിപ്സ് ഓഫ് ദി കമ്പനി സക്സക്സ്)

The relationship between an employer and its employees is an important factor in the company's success. Employers should treat their employees with respect and visa versa, if they all want to succeed and achieve goals.

Remember Employees aren't simply workers identified by an employee identification number. Demonstrating an interest in employees, conveys a message that the company cares about them as individuals - individuals whose opinions, skills and talent matter. Employees must feel that they have an important role in the overall outcome of a company's goal.

Good managers know that the best way to get your employees to perform well is by motivating them. Regular interaction builds interpersonal relationships with Manager & Employee. Spend time with your employees ,sit down and talk with each one of your employees when you have time and ask if they are happy with their jobs and what improvements they think the company should make.

To motivate employees, mainly allow them to be actively involved in the process of reaching company goals. Work with them and allow them to offer ideas and actively play a part in the achievement process.

Ideas are the lifeblood of any organisation, department, and team. Every mind is too important to miss that one idea that can increase productivity, reduce expenses, or increase profit. Empower your employees by creating a safe environment for your employees to share their ideas. But remember, the idea that doesn't make sense today , might be exactly the solution you are looking for a week from now. And always give your employees credit for the ideas they express.

Give recognition to them when and where it is due . In many instances recognition is just as important as financial rewards to an employee who probably spends more hours of their life at their job than in their own home.

It can be something as simple as mentioning to the employee how much you appreciated a job well done, an announcement in the company newsletter praising an employee or department, a special outing or celebration for the group that accomplished a particular goal, or even a letter of appreciation in an employee's work file. Sometimes a little praise and recognition is all an employee will need to want to do an even better job in the future.

Motivate your employees by accepting mistakes . Without mistakes, there is no growth for any one. This mistakes allows your employees to grow & be creative. Create a safe work environment , so that when your employees make mistakes, they are not punished. Consider the mistakes your employees make as their learning experience. Ask your employees how they would have performed the task differently and allow them to tackle the task again. Your employees will gain a new sense of empowerment and feel confident that you will support them when they try something new. Treat all of your employees equally and give them all the chance to win a free trip, a free dinner to the next theatre production. No favourite people--no matter if they have a better position or not--assign tasks by skill. Place people accordingly with regard to skill and ability. If people have the ability to accomplish greater things encourage them, if not let them do what they can do.

Employees should be different Nationality, that will be an advantage for a company to secure more business Internationally & can add company's name all over the world.

Above all, motivate employees by giving them proper incentives within the workplace on time. Reward your employees for their improved hard work. Like wise, make sure to make these people good examples of what to work for.

Follow these suggestions and you can make sure that your company will be in success.

(Babitha Anil)

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